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Lets go racing!!! Swanson race recap…

Lets set the week up first. Paid good attention to the training calender this last week and did all that was called for. Yoga some tempo Tuesday and some xc effort Wednesday at Platte River State Park. Easy stuff till Sunday.


This is Doc and I letting the “others” catch back up. Great to chase ya Biggs!! That was hard and fun as hell.

Race day was Sunday. Won’t bore ya with all the routine pre race mumbo jumbo. Got to the site in time for sign in. Marathon start is at high noon. Sweet! I didn’t mind with a pre ride I have been here before nothing to really worry about. I am however worried about how I’m going to start. You see we have the largest filed in the class ever 40 riders. My plan don’t burn matches early to get to the front and blow it in the first hour. So I sat in easy about 10 or so back. Image

It did feel pretty fast tho. I’m not the best at a big group start in mountain biking. The neutral gravel roll outs I’m more comfortable. When I say I’m not good at it I just mean I haven’t done it enough, but with more races that will improve.

My GiantXTC composite from Cycleworks/ Mooses Tooth was flawless. That 2×10 sram drive train is so nice. Never missed a beat.ImageThis has got to be about lap 2 or three. Feeling pretty good. Got a got rhythm going, quick in the feed zone to get a fresh bottle of SkratchLabs hydration. It was right around 80+ degrees all day long. In April in the Midwest that’s plain HOT. The hydration mix these kats put out is legit!! No cramps, no gas, and the best part no sick to your stomach feeling. Good stuff.

I did make one error in the feed zone. I had caught two guys “camping out” late in the race and wanted to get some distance on them while they were taking a break. My error only grabbed a small bottle and hit the gas. Ooops. Bottle empty 1/4 of the way into the lap. So the rest of the lap with nothing to drink. I think I had to have help getting my lips apart to drink when I returned for a bottle.

So after 4hrs of riding. I ended with 9 laps. Top ten to start the season. Stoked!! Only stopped to grab bottles. Ate during my laps. Licorice nibs are good!!




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