About going long in the dirt on a bike

The Rut….

It seems one has dug himself into a bit of a hole of late. The wind here in the middle of the country is blowing like a mofo!!! That must mean spring is on the way. I made it public last week that I will be going to TransIowa again this year. To compete? No. I will be going to help support the local riders in their attempt for glory. Paying it forward to those who have shown me the way. Really looking forward to seeing the race from the other side of the bars this time. On a night ride the other night with a friend I remarked how much I love to ride at night, and with that he asked if Trans Iowa was in my thoughts. Yep sure is every day of the week. If I can I might give it a go next year. I might have told the wife I was not going to this year a bit early. You see with an active marathoner wife in the mix training for a big one like T.I. can be difficult. Not real sure how I pulled it all off last season, and she raced two marathons!!!

Now for some damn reason I keep putting time in like I’m going to race T.I. again this year. STUPID. My first big race isn’t till June. The Dirty Kanza 200. Now for some reason I have been run down pretty low this week. My resting heart rate feels high. The other night on my ride it felt like it was going to blow out my chest. I think seasonal allergies have started too. I’m sure that doesn’t help either. I have managed to put quite a few 200 mile weeks together in the last few months. I would bet if you were to graph my training it would look like the dow jones week to week, opposed to a nice upward curve like “they” say it should. What can I say I like to ride. I’ve tried the whole follow a training plan thing, and it wears me out faster than anything on earth. You see I’m a head case. For the last week my body has whispered every morning to me your not recovered take it easy. Did I listen? Nope. Why? I have no Idea. Nucking Futz i guess. I am getting better at listening to what my body has to say. But this last week I didn’t. Maybe it was the great winter 104 mile ride I did the last weekend. We were flying. And I was killing it on my 29er. And when others are saying you’re going good already, better keep killing yourself.

Maybe that’s not the way to do it. I know better. officially training Dirty Kanza 200 starts next week and I’m like always way ahead. Just a little interest earned in the pain bank. I really want to have a daylight finish at DK this year. I know a lot of factors play into this. Many of which I have no control over. Hell maybe I’m not good enough to finish with the sun still up, hell even just the sun setting would good. I will have prepared my self for this race to best I can. Thats all I can really do. Thinking I better get that heart rate monitor fixed.

The local MTB series kicks off at the end of the month! That will be some fun weekends with friends and family. Also a good way to get that intensity in! Albeit with some cash involved. But if I kick ass I could get some cash back. But I dont race for the cash or the results, I do it because I like to push myself to the limit.

If ya read all of this thanks!! If ya didn’t I understand.

See ya next week!! GET SOME


Get It On


Week end recon for a mystery dinosaur west of the big city. How hard can it be to find quite possibly the largest meat-eater to ever roam the earth?

Not to hard really. Over at the PCL the first event of the 2012 season in a ride/race called Lincoln T-REX Lincoln. Saturday we all gathered at the meet spot and talked of reconing a route. Planned worked out fine.

PIC from the PCL BLOG.

Got talked into some extra credit on the way home and rolled Melkivie RD east toward home. Now that MOFO has got some ROLLERS!!!

Little help from a friend

Ended with a 70 mile tour!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss Ass

Sunday was an easy day to the south, Good crew again. Bruce above is in love with me I guess. He’s been bang’n major miles in prep for TIv8 in a couple of months.

@Fake Schmitty

Rolln for Ice Cream

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE rolling with the crew, but this little crew right here knows how to get it done!! Best ride of the whole weekend. Sunday afternoon ride with the tribe for some Ice cream. Love ya guyz!!

Thats all I got this weekend not much else. Home with E today for the Prez day. Raining and cold.BOO. Ah well it’s the mid west. See ya next time. Later, Gammel


Mid ride R.C.


You smell that?

Yep got them skis on my feet this weekend!!! Sweet times with the crew on Saturday. Managed to squeeze in a couple of hours. Temps were in the singles at the start, but it didn’t take long to get a sweat going. KW remarked “this is like a plyo metric interval session. Tru Dat!

I needed to wrap it up and get back to the rest of the weekend. Kids and there goings on. Birthday parties and the like. Dropped the W off at the local “fun” center for the party and took the balance of the family unit over to the local home and garden show. We are in the early planning stages for a kitchen remodel. I wont bore you with the details of the home and garden show. If ya go every year you know its the same thing. Hey ya want us to put windows in? Sir ya got time for a new roof? Hey fella Let’s get some siding on that house of yours? And my all time favorite How about a back and spine analyalisis? WTF?? Bone quacks at the home show? I guess all them hefty home makers need some adjustment. After all they have been sitting on there ass till now. And the home show has got yard sticks, key chains, candy, and all the other shit they might need. I digress…….

I had one of those ideas on the way home from our Saturday adventures. Date night with my biggest fan. Oh hell yeah!!! With the shitty hours last week I was working didn;t get to see each other much. Well I guess we saw each other every day. I came home used the bathroom while she was getting ready for the J.O.B. Hi. Hi you look tired! You look naked! Goodnight. Love you.

We got family in town so getting a sitter was easy. Hit Fireworks for a great meal. Get the red velvet cheese cake. Its just short of the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. I’m not vegan so I can crush some cheese cake ya’all!! Hit the movies. The Decendents. Not what I expected at all. But a really good film. Take some tissues or wear long sleeves, I did the latter.

Sunday was more of the same but less skiing. To bad. Looks to be more winter weather heading this way first of the week. Good news all the way around I say. Make extra cash and spend time with some of the best people ever out in the snow.

Oh and that smell? That’s my hip flexors burning…..

Have a good week and GO GET SOME!!



It seems that all the unseasonably warm temps and dry weather have gone somewhere else. Last weekend we had our first winter storm for the season.Hit us with almost a foot of the wet heavy stuff. Cue the weekend outdoor fun in the snow plan shut down. Get the call at 9:00am Saturday. Snow removal engage. Get to the J.O.B at 12:00pm plow it till midnight. With another 8 hrs of plowing left we call it and plan to bring it all back Sunday at 7:00am. Bust in out and cash in at 3:30pm. Sweet! Shop regroup better get here early Monday to get the piles hauled out of the lot at the maintenance shop. Crap. Start time 3:00am. Done at 1:30pm. Heading out for the day sleep is needed now. Boss hits me up for some possible night action to keep the hauling going at various locations. Sure why not. I like money and this pays some extra. Make a few calls and get a crew assembled. Lets do the 9:00pm to 5:00am Dolly style only the other way round.

So to recap so far it’s Saturday for 12hrs, Sunday for 8hrs, Monday for 10hrs. Now we are coming back at 9:00pm on Monday night for another 8 hrs. Got it? Diggn deep to keep it together but we pulled it off. 5:00am done for that shift. Home. Crash. Eat.

Now its Tuesday right? Yeah it is trust me! The rest of the week would fall this way 9:00pm till 5:00am. It was a wrap this morning at 5:00am. week of no riding no xc skiing no snowshoeing. A week of running the bad rabbit in the picture above. Super fun!

I did get some yoga sessions in while I was awake, and even managed a few poses while waiting for trucks to return to be loaded.

Busy weekend on tap too!! Kids to this and kids to here yada, yada. Cold as fook too. Gonna get the skis on tomorrow at the Pioneers Park and hope for a Sunday session if time allows.



A tradesman is a skilled manual worker in a particular trade or craft. Economically and socially, a tradesman’s status is considered between a laborer and a professional, with a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge of their trade. In cultures where professional careers are highly prized there can be a shortage of skilled manual workers, leading to lucrative niche markets in the trades.(Wikipedia definition)

Why Aaron Gammel should be chosen to be a Foundry Cycles tradesmen. Like the definition says my status of a rider falls between a laborer and a professional. I love to ride bikes, race bikes, commute by bike. I enjoy most of the different kinds of riding, preferring the dirt of single track and the sweet sound of the gravel under my tires in the middle of no where. My time in the saddle is often limited with family duties. However I can still manage to get in 5-7 rides per week, not including my weekly commute to and from work.

As a local rider for CycleWorks/Mooses Tooth I had the distinct pleasure to ride the Foundry Auger a few weeks ago. Not only ride it but actually put some big miles on it. Like a gravel hundy to be more specific. What a great riding bike! Stable at speed, climbs great, and the carbon really takes out the bumps. Sure I was tired after but not beat up like I have been on other bikes. The disc brakes are a great addition for us who like the ultra endurance adventure. Take an event with muddy roads. I used my 29er single speed last year in a major long gravel race and the course had seen some rain and turned the “B” roads to mud. cantilever brakes were all clogging up. Not my disc!! Why am I telling you, the maker of this bike how great it is? It’s because that’s what I do. I don’t sugar coat. I tell the truth and will not tell someone  something is great when it’s not.

While a tradesman for Foundry one can expect me to ride your bikes to their capability and even maybe beyond. Foundrys “blue-collar” approach to cycling fits right in my wheel house. Build high quality bikes while keeping it simple. Just the way us blue-collar folks like it. Give us the right tool for the job and let us get the work done for you. My real world job as a groundskeeper I use the best tools money can buy to get the work done. And done right.

If chosen to represent Foundry, I would have to ride the Auger. Foundry could expect me to race the bike at gravel grinders around the midwest and also local cross races. Its been awhile since I raced cross but to be atop an Auger for cross would have to be a real treat. Gravel racing is something I really enjoy. The Auger is by far and above the best tool for that job I have used yet. In closing the Foundry company can rely on me to ride, race, tour,and tell every one that I cross paths with that Foundry builds great bikes. And those I pass I will be sure to tell them “get on a Foundry you wont be disappointed!” I sure wasn’t.

A day of first’s..

I was up first @ 2:00am to get int work at 3:00am. Off work first @11:00am
First bike tracks in wilderness hiker to biker.
First ride on the fixed 29er in the snowy single track
First yard sale when I was getting cocky and over cooked a turn.
First shin gank with peddle for 2012.

Nothing more to report. See ya out there!!!!!



Getting Festive

2012's whip

You can go back to here and read about the start of this challenge. The plan was just ride 35 miles a day and you will have this baby licked no problem.  Starting out with a brand new Giant XTC composite would make life better for sure! Thanks  to Kris and the whole Cycleworks/Moose’s Tooth crew for this awesome opportunity!

The kids are on the winter break from school and having to take time off work to keep them under some sort of “adult” supervision. Getting a ride of some kind in would be easy. A Giant thanks goes out to my wife for letting me get them miles in on Christmas day. Pretty rad chick! All I had to do was paint one room in the house while on my vacation. No problem.

Now here in the middle of the country getting in 310 miles in a week is something we usually do in the late spring and summer. Training for Trans Iowa v7 last winter I had a few 300+weeks but most of those miles were on Saturday and Sunday. Getting to 310 with no rest days, kids and some home projects could be interesting anyway. Never mind the weather. It has been dry but wind and cold temps make for some trying rides. I did have the best weather on Christmas day and rode with no gloves for most of the ride till the sun set.


Tuesday proved to be on of the toughest days on the bike. Tired, wind, cold and having to get started painting I was starting to second guess what I had signed on for. However I slept in a little and ate a huge breakfast threw a leg over and got to work. Not a bad route mostly south and east. defiantly not as hilly the father south ya go around here. But with all the crops gone and no trees it gets pretty ugly and damn windy.

Out in the open

On Wednesday I got some time with a few fellas. They thought I was crazy as all hell to be putting in this kind of mileage in December. I assured them it was all in good taste. Keep it under control and don’t ride like its July and you will be just fine. Of course with them having fresh legs and holiday meals to burn off it was go time. UGH! No no no I can’t do this fellas. Oh well at least I got to see a cool sunset while rolling with the fellas.

Ohhhh Ahhhhhh

Thursday found us with a paint brush in hand and hoping my legs would enjoy climbing a ladder and kneeling for a change. Ahh no. A buddy called and said trail conditions up at Platte River State Park were good. I thought hell finish the painting in the am and then head for the single track in the afternoon! Maybe I could get another good chunk of miles in on some of the best trails we got around here! We hit the road around 1:00pm and made it to the trail head in about 45 mins. Temps were cool but long sleeve jersey and shorts would be just fine. At Platte you climb a bunch and descend only a little at a time. Be on your game! Today we had to step our game up. Trail conditions were not the best. Greasy in all the wrong spots and not much fun. We pulled the plug with just 10 miles of riding. Damn. Oh well its single track in late December in Nebraska. Usually we are cross-country skiing it not riding it.

Slicky slicky

Saturday was to be epic. Major miles to put this thing to bed. Did I need them? Nope only around 20 or so to seal it up. All of the local gravel peeps were looking for that century today. Remember it’s december in Nebraska. Gravel centuries are few and far between this time of year.

Going into today I’m crushed. Climbing power…. Not going to be around for ya today bud.(and i don’t climb well to start with) cruising power….. yeah better not get out in the wind. You are sitting with almost 300 miles this week. Good luck. This is going to be hard.

Meet with fellas at the local coffee shop at 7:00am. Still dark. The wind forecast is strange today first south-southeast then moving north. BRRRRR. Plan ride south to the small town of Cortland. Then Wilbur, and then turn north toward Malcolm and ride the tail wind home.

Sounds good right? Made it out-of-town all right only one flat to stop for. Then a turn South into the wind. All strong riders on cross bikes and me on the Giant 29er. And pretty fresh legs too I’d bet. Off the back and in the wind. Crap… Hey man all you need is 20 miles or so and you’re in the clear. I hit that mark miles back sweet! As we made it into Cortland the group would ride on the rest of the planned route. I on the other hand would ride back with a teammate who also was feeling the effects of a big training week.

With a quick refuel we headed for the barn. Tail wind at our backs we were hauling ass! Looking back to the southeast the sky was looking awesome.

Cool Eh?

We came across one of the best dirt roads today. Good rollers for a couple of miles. But hard as pavement.

Love the Dirt

All said this was a really cool challenge for Rapha to put us up to in the middle of winter here in the center of the country. I never need a reason to ride but this was very motivating! Looking at the leader board most of you are crushing the miles out too! Some double of what I did. Awesome! Pulling this off on my 29er and majority off-road it made it more special. I am looking forward to 2012 and putting in 300+ weeks when it gets warmer. Thanks Rapha!


You can go here to see the routes http://app.strava.com/athletes/66227



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